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Here are testimonials from those using Apache::ASP. If you use this software and would like to show your support please send your testimonial to Apache::ASP mailing list at asp[at]perl.apache.org and indicate that we can post it to the web site.
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Red Hat David Kulp
D. L. Fox MFM Commmunication Software, Inc.
HOSTING 321, LLC. Planet of Music
Concept Online Ltd. Cine.gr

Red Hat

We're using Apache::ASP on www.redhat.com. We find Apache::ASP very easy to use, and it's quick for new developers to get up to speed with it, given that many people have already been exposed to the ASP object model that Apache::ASP is based on.
The documentation is comprehensive and easy to understand, and the community and maintainer have been very helpful whenever we've had questions.
  -- Tom Lancaster, Red Hat

D. L. Fox

I had programmed in Perl for some time ... but, 
since I also knew VB, I had switched to VB in IIS-ASP for 
web stuff because of its ease of use in embedding code
with HTML ...  When I discovered
Apache-ASP, it was like a dream come true.  I would much rather code in Perl
than any other language.  Thanks for such a fine product!


After discontinuing Windows-based hosting due to the high cost of software, 
our clients are thrilled with Apache::ASP and they swear ASP it's faster 
than before. Installation was a snap on our 25-server web farm with a small 
shell script and everything is running perfectly! The documentation is 
very comprehensive and everyone has been very helpful during this migration.
Thank you!
 -- Richard Ward, HOSTING 321, LLC.

Concept Online Ltd.

I would like to say that your ASP module rocks :-) We have practically stopped developing in anything else about half a year ago, and are now using Apache::ASP extensively. I just love Perl, and whereever we are not "forced" to use JSP, we chose ASP. It is fast, reliable, versatile, documented in a way that is the best for professionals - so thank you for writting and maintaining it!
  -- Csongor Fagyal, Concept Online Ltd.


As we have seen with WebTime, Apache::ASP is not only good for the development of website, but also for the development of webtools. Since I first discoverd it, I made it a must-have in my society by taking traditional PHP users to the world of perl afficionados.
Having the possibility to use Apache::ASP with mod_perl or mod_cgi make it constraintless to use because of CGI's universality and perl's portability.
  -- Grégoire Lejeune

David Kulp

First, I just want to say that I am very very impressed with Apache::ASP.  I
just want to gush with praise after looking at many other implementations of
perl embedded code and being very underwhelmed.  This is so damn slick and
clean.  Kudos! ...
... I'm very pleased how quickly I've been able to mock up the application. I've been writing Perl CGI off and on since 1993(!) and I can tell you that Apache::ASP is a pleasure. (Last year I tried Zope and just about threw my computer out the window.)
  -- David Kulp

MFM Commmunication Software, Inc.

HUFF Realty
Star One Realtors
Comey & Shepherd Realtors
RE/MAX Unlimited Realtors
Cincinnati Builders
Blue Ash Airport Days Airshow

Working in a team environment where you have HTML coders and perl coders, Apache::ASP makes it easy for the HTML folks to change the look of the page without knowing perl. Using Apache::ASP (instead of another embedded perl solution) allows the HTML jockeys to use a variety of HTML tools that understand ASP, which reduces the amount of code they break when editing the HTML. Using Apache::ASP instead of M$ ASP allows us to use perl (far superior to VBScript) and Apache (far superior to IIS).
We've been very pleased with Apache::ASP and its support.

Planet of Music

Apache::ASP has been a great tool.  Just a little
background.... the whole site had been in cgi flat files when I started
here.  I was looking for a technology that would allow me to write the
objects and NEVER invoke CGI.pm... I found it and hopefuly I will be able to
implement this every site I go to.
When I got here there was a huge argument about needing a game engine and I belive this has been the key... Games are approx. 10 time faster than before. The games don't break anylonger. All in all a great tool for advancement.
  -- JC Fant IV


...we ported our biggest yet ASP site from IIS (well, actually rewrote), Cine.gr and it is a killer site. In some cases, the whole thing got almost 25 (no typo) times faster... None of this would ever be possible without Apache::ASP (I do not ever want to write ``print "<HTML>\n";'' again).
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